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What we believe in
  • We are a double medium Pre-Primary school with a Christian foundation.
  • We encourage children to develop a love for learning through participation in a wide variety of activities which consists of physical, intellectual and emotional elements.
  • Our educational program focuses on the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual aspects of a pre-school child's development. This ensures a firm foundation that involves all aspects of their development.  
  • We strive to create a safe, happy and loving home-away-from-home environment in which our children feel  comfortable and safe for them to develop skills.
  • We encourage our children to communicate, share and make themselves heard. They are taught to be responsible, respectful, loving and to be aware of each other's unique individuality.
  • Routine plays an important role in children's lives, so we have a structured routine that encourage confidence.
Our Values
Our values are based on the four pillars of education, love, respect, trust and quality education. Through our family atmosphere, we promote our children's emotional development. Every child is unique and very special. We take hands with our parents and believe in shared responsibility

Inclusive Education
Step-Up supports inclusive education, and applications of learners with special needs will be accepted and considered with the provision that
  • All reports, referrals and related information must be made available to the school during the application process.
  • Teachers are allowed to obtain information regarding the learner's specific needs and possible placement in mainstream education.
  • Step-Up retains the right to require additional tests/reports where necessary.
  • The learner will be allowed to Step-Up on a trial basis.
  • Other learners ' right to study/learning may not be affected.
  • If a learner's progress does not meet with expectations OR he/she is identified as a spectrum learner during the course of the year OR the rest of the learner’s education is affected by his/her presence in the classroom, the school may insist on immediate transfer to a more appropriate school OR request a dedicated class assistant/tutor for the learner at the parents’ expense.
  • Only one special needs learner per classroom will be accommodated.

Educational Objectives
All preschool services are offered with the following objectives, which are tailored specifically to suit the different age groups.
Pre-school Curriculum
We use a themed curriculum developed by an expert in early childhood development - "Themes" by Karin Stedal as well as the “New All-In-One Preschool Program”. This program complies with the requirements of the Dept. Of Education's National Curriculum Statement, (CAPS). The program focuses on
  • Development of mathematical understanding and language proficiency
  • Encouragement for an investigative attitude
  • Promotion of creative thinking
  • Create aesthetic awareness
Information is sent to the parents on a regular basis according to the topics dealt with in class. The teacher will occasionally request for items usually found in all homes such as cans, boxes, ribbon, caps etc. Please send these items to school as requested, as this greatly facilitates the teacher's task

Grade R

The Grade R program's activities are structured so that the child can develop holistically in an informal way. Learners learn creative thinking and fine-motor skills through creative activities. Music and drama forms a large part of our program and language skills are developed by theme discussions, storytelling and dramatization, rhymes and songs. Outdoor play enhances large motor skills, balance and hand-eye coordination. Readiness for writing include patterns, cutting, drawing and coloring skills.
A concrete approach for mathematics are introduced. Supplementary reading and sound awareness are some of the skills which learners are exposed to. All Grade R pupils will undergo a school readiness assessment which are conducted by our own qualified Grade R teachers.

BABY Academy
Here we offer loving attention and daily care with lots of love to our little babies/toddlers. Baby massaging, sensory play and other milestone development are done through our well-planned daily activities. Progress reports are handed out in June and November together with the school’s assessment reports. The Kinderkinetiks specialist also assist with milestone development for our little ones (from crawling age).

  • Aftercare services for Gr. R and younger involve the provision of a safe environment where learners are supervised. Aftercare as a service does not follow a set program or educational curriculum, but is largely focused on free play
  • Aftercare services for school-going learners (Gr 1-7) also include help with homework and assistance in preperation for exams and tests, in addition to free play
  • All Grades 1-7 Aftercare learners are divided into specific homework classes under the control of dedicated homework teacher
  • Homework teachers will ensure that learners do their homework and register in the homework book if all homework is not completed and/or the parents/guardians should give further attention to certain aspects
  • When learners are involved in various extra-curricular activities, it is not always possible to complete all homework. The final responsibility for homework control is still with the parent /guardian
  • No study/homework classes are offered on Fridays
  • In the dedicated homework classes, learners will not be allowed to play games, eat, drink or cause other learners to not do their homework. Disruptive behavior or other disciplinary problems will be dealt with in accordance with Step-Up's disciplinary policy

Holiday Care
  • Holiday care is offered where parents/guardians have no other means of caring for their children during school holidays. This service provides a safe environment with care and supervision. A healthy lunch and juice is served daily
  • Note that, although there are activities from time to time, holiday care does not offer a structured program
  • Holiday care is offered to learners registered for holiday care and is subject to no outstanding fees on the account (including school fees, aftercare fees, swimming or abacus fees)
  • During holiday care, learners are allowed to bring their own toys and activities at their own risk.  No electronic equipment (cellphones, laptops, etc.), scooters / bicycles, roller skates or any dangerous toys (eg swords ) will be allowed

  • It is important that parents/guardians are involved in the progress of their children’s edeucation. To keep parents/guardians informed, all Steppies are continuously assessed and the reporting thereof kept in class.   Parents will be given an opportunity to make appointments with the teacher and principal where can their child's progress can be discussed with the educators
  • We hand out reports in June and November. You will also receive continuous feedback on your child's progress
  • Gr R learners receive assessment reports 4 times a year
  • Reports are collected during partent’s evenings as announced in the annual program

Discipline Policy
  • We encourage children to be independent and to respect him/herself and others
  • When children's behavior is unacceptable, we discipline "time out" or "thinking chair" where they sit on a chair for a period of time (depending on age) and to calm down and take responsibility for their actions take
  • We have strict no physical disciplin policy at school and will be in contact with parents if your child's behavior is unacceptable
  • Aftercare: Step-Up is a "Bully free" school. We strongly discourage fighting, bad language and verbal abuse (with friends or staff). If a learner finds him/herself guilty of such action, it will absolutely be necessary to suspend the contract between us. We strive to collaborate with you as parents to build a healthy generation of children with fixed principles and values.

School Attendance
  • A learner should not stay away from school unnecessarily. Weekly themes are discussed, precious information is lost and the learner can feel excluded. Assessment takes place continuously and absenteeism causes assessment opportunities to be missed.
  • Notify the school before 08:00 if your child will be absent.
  • In accordance with Step-Up's medical policy, learners with infectious diseases and head lice should be kept at home.

Services (Internal & Extra Curricular Activities)


We as teachers are aware of the importance of gross and fine motor development, as well as the fact that today's children are no longer moving enough.  Therefore, we have a specialist program, Kinderkinetics in the school focusing on this area of development. A complete assessment of each child is done and monitored to prevent possible learning problems. The program is offered during school and is included in school fees for toddlers from 1 year to GR RRR.

Additional Extramurial Activities
All extra-curricular activities are an arrangement between parents / guardians and the providers of the activity concerned and all coordination arrangements and payments must be made directly between the service provider and parent / guardian. Step-Up is not responsible for:
  • The receipt and handling of any fees
  • The communication of schedules and / or change in schedules
  • The quality of service delivery
Step-Up Swimming Lesson
We have our own indoor heated swimming pool at our premises at no. 6 Connelly, where a qualified coach offers swimming lessons during school hours.

Abacus Mathematics

We have the license to teach this specialized mathematics program at the school. It is presented after school by our own Teacher Patrys Milligan (Connelly str) and Teacher Melandri Vos (Sett str). Children from the age of 3 can participate in the program.

Extramurial Activities that is hosted at school and their contact details
Please Note:  This list can change from time to time
  • Ballet:  Irene – 083 766 5024
  • Kinderkinetics:  Heide-Marie - 073 737 9496
  • Rugby:  Junior Fun skills Renier Vos –  071 164 2012
  • Abacus   Maths:  Information at the office
  • Action   Ball:  Quinton   - 083 710 3019
  • Swim:  Lilanie   du Toit - inligting by kantoor
  • Gym   Kids:  Chris   Botha – 083 984 2983
  • House   of Tinkerbell (Kickboxing):  JP   Kruger - 083 772 6196
  • Art   Kloppies:  Chereese   – 083 448 9636
  • Build-Em-Bricks:  Mikayla   - 082 414 9082
  • Dance   Mouse:  Stacey   – 072 303 7611
  • Soccer   Stars:  Shane   van Den Heever – 074 188 8391
  • Champions   Junior Golf:  Gavin   – 081 029 8980
We also have a speech therapist rendering her services at school.
  • Speech   Therapist:  Nadia Erasmus – 082 411 0166

Time Schedules
Site :   Connelly & Sett Str               
Gates   Open: 6:30
Daily   program Start:  8:00
Daily   program Ends:  12:30 (Pre-Gr R) & 13:00 (Gr R)
Aftercare   Start: 13:00
School   Closes:  17:30
  • Gr RRR learners and younger sleep   from 12:30 to 14:00
  • Gr RR learners have a   compulsory rest period from lunch until 14:00. During this time, they will be   required to engage in quiet and peaceful activities. They do not have to sleep, but will not be discouraged from falling asleep.
  • Gr R learners does not sleep
Drop-off and Collection
  • Parents / guardians are required to respect the school's time schedules and to keep them timely at such schedules.
  • No Steppie may be dropped or picked up outside the gate. Accompany your child to the class/ teacher (preschool).
  • After the official school day starts, no parent/guardian may visit the class. If you need to visit the school please stay at the reception.     

Make your child's drop-off easier in the morning by applying the following guidelines:
  • Make sure your child (ren) goes to sleep early to ensure that getting up and preparing in the morning is not rushed.
  • Pack school bags the night before.
  • Have your child come in independently from a young age and let them carry and hang their own bag.
  • Greet your child and turn around immediately and leave the premises - your child is in good hands. Temporary separation anxiety is overcome faster if the parent/guardian immediately walks away.
  • If your child cries, do not look around or turn back - it makes your child insecure and can learn to manipulate to get their way.
  • Do not linger around and chatting with other parents/guardians on the premises - as long as your child can see you, they will want to be with you.
  • Educators are on duty to supervise. Arrival and pick-up times are not suitable times to chat with them, because then their attention is not with the children. Please make an appointment to talk with staff if necessary.

Fines – late collection
The school closes at exactly 17:30. Late collections will be fined at a rate of R100.00 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) which will be added to your monthly account.

School Closing Dates
  • School is open throughout the year as well as a large part of school holidays. We do allow one week in July (usually the 3rd week of the public school holiday) and 3 calendar weeks in December (usually from the 15th of December to the 2nd week of January)
  • If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the school will also be closed on the Monday or the following Friday
  • The final dates will be communicated in our annual calender at the beginning of each year
  • These rest periods give our teachers a break, as well as time for us to do any maintenance at school eg lawns, paint, equipment, etc. Children also need to rest and take a break of the term's work.
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