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Admission Requirements             
  • A learner will only be allowed in Step-Up if parents/guardians adopt the policies and rules of Step-Up as defined in this document, are prepared to accept it and are willing to commit to and comply with their obligations and responsibilities towards the shool.
  • Step-Up and the philosophy from which all teaching and presentation take place, are based on Christian principles. Bible Study is presented at Step-Up, however it remains the parents’/guardians' choice if they want their child(-ren) to participate.
  • Learning and education at Step-Up is focused on spiritual growth and the development of ethical values and the appreciation of all cultures.
  • ‘n Kind kan tot Step-Up toegelaat word indien ouers/voogde die reëls, regulasies en riglyne soos vervat in hierdie dokument aanvaar, bereid is om hom/haar daarby neer te lê en bereid is om sy/haar verpligtinge/verantwoordelikheid dienooreenkomstig na te kom.
  • Step-Up en die lewensopvatting waarbinne alle onderrig en aanbieding plaasvind, sal op ‘n Christelike basis geskied.
  • Bybelonderrig word by Step-Up aangebied, maar dit bly die ouers/voogde se keuse of hulle hul kind(-ers) daaraan wil laat deelneem.
  • Die opvoeding by Step-Up sal ingestel wees op geestelike groei en die uitbouing van etiese waardes en waardering van alle kultuurgroepe.
  • Die milieu waarbinne onderrig geskied, sal relevant wees tot die samelewing waarbinne die kinders hulle later as volwassenes sal moet handhaaf.

Aansoeke vir inskrywings
  • Nuwe aansoeke vir alle dienste word deurlopend hanteer deur beide Administratiewe kantore
  • Ouers/Voogde het die opsie om tydens inskrywing hul keuse uit te oefen ten opsigte van:
  • a.Dienste (soos onder uiteengesit)
  • b.Betalingsopsies
  • Geen aansoeke sal oorweeg word indien alle vereiste dokumentasie nie volledig voltooi en ingehandig is en inskrywingsfooi betaal is nie (waar van toepassing).
  • Huidige ingeskrewe leerders by Step-Up kwalifiseer outomaties vir inskrywing vir die daaropvolgende jaar en sal die registrasie fooi moet betaal soos jaarliks vereis word.

Application for enrolments
  • New applications for all services are continuously dealt with by both administrative offices
  • Parents / Guardians have the option to exercise their choice with regard to:
  • i.   services (as set out below)              ii.  payment options
  • No applications will be considered if all required documentation has not been fully completed and submitted and entry fee has not been paid (where applicable).
  • Current enrolled learners at Step-Up automatically qualify for enrollment for the following year and will have to pay the registration fee as required annually.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list immediately. The waiting list is used to fill vacant places from No 1 on the waiting list. No exceptions or special permits are allowed.
  • Step-Up is not bound to Primary school feeding areas and all applications are considered on the same principles.

  • It is required that all enrolled learners re-apply every year for service at Step-Up. Re-applications will be sent by e-mail.
  • A registration fee is payable with re-registration.
  • Parents / Guardians will annually sign a new contract with Step-Up based on new set fees, services and conditions as set out.
Additional Requirements
The school supplies, with the exception of a few items, all stationery, cleaning material and other educational material required for the duration of the school year. The school will not require or expect parents/guardians to contribute any additional material/equipment. From time to time, parents may be asked by the respective teacher to send tissues and wetwipes.

Placement Policy
  • Entries and class allocations, up to a specific grade / class, are processed according to the child's year of birth. Steppies (2-3 years, Grade RRR, RR and R) are divided into the grade / class of learners born in the same year and are not moved to a next class after his / her birthday during the course of the year but complete the year in the birth year group.
  • For babies - 2 years, toddlers will be moved to the following age groups in accordance to their emotional and physical progress.
Language Policy
  • Step-Up's policy is to teach a learner in his / her mother tongue / home language. Our goal is the initial establishment of a strong mother tongue base (Afrikaans or English) as language is the basis of all learning and cognitive skills for intellectually demanding tasks depend on the development of the native language. When learners' thinking skills are well established, multilingualism will receive attention.
  • Step-Up offers instruction in two languages namely Afrikaans and English (only Sett str where all classes are double medium classes).

Communication Channels
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to follow the correct process and channels of communication to expedite the flow of information and to ensure that problems and queries are directed to the correct people.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to schedule appointments per E-Mail or telephonically with the relevant person should they require a face to face meeting. Take note that teachers are not able to accommodate impromptu meetings directly after school as they have other responsibilities at that time.
  • If your child is upset about something, or if an aspect/incident in your domestic situation might cause emotional distress for your child, you are requested to discuss this with Step-Up personally so we can help support the child. Such conversations must never happen in the presence of the child.
  • The school will have a compulsary parent/guardian information evening for all preschool (Gr.R and younger) parents/guardians early in the first term of the year.  The purpose of this session is to communicate important aspects regarding the schools’ rules, regulations and class organisation.
Continuous Communication
Continuous communication between parents/guardians and Step-Up is important. The following communication methods are available:
  • Classgroup Whatsapp -  During the first week of the year a whatsapp group will be established for each class. The groups are used exclusively to convey important and / or urgent communication to parents. No ads or unnecessary messages may be sent on the groups, unless communicated by the owners. Parents / guardians who abuse the groups will be removed from the groups.
  • E-mail - Parents / Guardians can also contact the school for financial- and administrative queries, owners and shool principal via E-mail (all services).
  • Newsletter - Newsletters are sent regularly by e-mail and / or whatsapp groups. It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to read the letters, as they contain curriculum-oriented communications and other important notices.

Photo’s and Social Media
  • No photos may be taken on or of any of Step-Up’s premises.
  • Parents/guardians retains the right to publish photos of their own children on social media and/or other public platforms BUT no photos where minor children are visible (except your own child) may be published on social media and/or other public media or be made available to a third party, without the explicit and written consent of the parents/guardians of all minor children on the photo.
  • You are welcome to send a cake/cupcake/sweetie bag to school on your child’s birthday. No fizzy/carbonated drinks are allowed. Snacks will be enjoyed in the class, but parents/guardians must take cognisance that no formal parties will be hosted at the school
  • It is customary to donate a book/DVD or educational toy to the school on your child’s birthday. Kindly liaise with the teacher to determine the most suitable donation.
  • Parents/guardians are not expected or required to contribute (monetary or otherwise) to a gift for staff on their birthdays or special occasions. Parents/guardians are welcome to raise funds or organise a small celebration amongst themselves and by own initiative if they so wish.

What do we eat
  • Breakfast for babies, toddlers up to Grade RR.
  • No breakfast is provided to the Grade R pupils. Please ensure that your child gets a balanced breakfast before school.
  • We provide 3 healthy snacks: bread/rolls and fruit or yogurt, jelly, custard, tea and juice in the morning and afternoon.
  • Healthy, cooked lunch (included for full day Gr R children)
  • No sweets, chips or fizzy drinks allowed unless it is for birthdays.
  • We have a R10 tuck-shop every Friday. This activity is important for Grade R and RR pupils. This is to ensure pupils start grasping the concept of money.
  • We have an entrepreneurial program where parents get involved in the tuck shop (details to be communicated).
  • We encourage toddlers to drink water, but juice and tea are provided during the course of the day.
  • Each child to provide their own bottle/sippy cup for hygienic reasons. This will be filled with water regularly.

Tuck Shop
  • We have tuch shop every Friday for R10. This activity is especially important for Gr R and RR where we start learning how to work with money as well as to teach toddlers the responsibility to remember that Fridays is a tuck shop day
  • Every child in the class gets a turn to do his/her tuckshop day with Mom or Dad. The class teacher will communicate the dates
  • Very important - the tuck shop may not exceed R10 per child. This is not an occasion where moms must go overboard to give the most expensive tuck shop. A simple package or 2 or 3 loose items is sufficient. Even a small cupcake that can be decorated by the children is appropriate.
  • The toddler whose tuck shop turn it is sells their stock to the classmates, and the funds collected are used by the teacher in class to buy educational toys for the class.

What do we wear
  • Children wear a special school t-shirt that is marked with the day of the week and denim pants / skirt - cultivating a routine and a culture of belonging. Through this, we get to learn the days of the week as well as colors associated with the day. Order forms are available at the office. T-shirts and denim pants / skirts and tracksuits are compulsory
  • T-shirts, pants, winter and summer track suits can be ordered at the office
  • In winter, we wear a long-sleeved navy shirt under our school shirt
  • An extra set of clothes and a sweater / jacket should be sent in the child's bag
  • All clothing and shoes must be clearly marked
  • The school accepts no responsibility for unmarked clothing that is lost
  • Please send your child's own blanket and pillow to school. It will be returned every Friday so that it can be washed
  • Barefoot is good for small feet - please allow your child to come to school barefoot during warmer periods
  • Long hair hair must be tied to school. Not only is it more comfortable, it also helps to prevent the spread of head lice
  • Each learner must have a neat school bag clearly marked
  • Make sure your child's school bag is big enough for a thick winter jacket
  • Always pack a clean set of clothes, in a plastic bag, in the bag. In the younger classes it is recommended that parents / guardians pack at least two sets of clothes
  • Check your child's bag to ensure that no valuable items, electronic equipment, toys, candy or money are packed
  • Pack the cooldrink bottle into a plastic bag and make sure the bottle is nice and tightly colsed to prevent the cold drink / water from running out
  • Pack suncream and a sun hat during summer months
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