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Code of conduct
  • In pursuit of Step-Up’s vision to create a safe and loving environment where learners can develop holistically and optimally, Step-Up has the mandate, and will not hesitate to take action against any action by learners, parents or staff who threaten this vision or who impedes on the right of other learners to a safe educational environment.
  • Discipline starts at home, with Step-Up being an extension of the values and beliefs taught and enforced at home. That is why parents'/guardians’ cooperation and support are essential in the establishment and maintenance of a safe, well-disciplined environment at Step-Up.
  • Parents/guardians should therefore fully familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of Step-Up, and discuss these with their children frequently.
  • We understand and embrace the fact that children learn and develop through play, free discovery and curiosity, experience, testing and exploration but also believe that this process must always have clear boundaries – i.e. disciplined freedom. Step-Up will therefore not involve parents/guardians with each and every minor transgression their children are involved in. This is part of the learning process and will be handled internally by appointed educators and supervisors.
  • However, if a learner’s behaviour causes concern in terms of frequency and/or severity of transgressions, or where a learner’s behaviour has a direct negative impact   on the safety of other learners or continually impedes the right to education of other learners, Step-Up will not hesitate to take immediate action, with the involvement of parents/guardians.
  • Step-Up also reserves the right to hold the parent/guardian liable for the financial costs associated with any act of deliberate vandalism by their child(-ren).
  • Step-Up is strongly oppossed to any form of physical/corporal punishment and will immediately take action against any member of staff who are guilty of such.
  • Parents/guardians may not, under any circumstances, confront another learner when there has been an incident between their child and him/her. All incidents must be reported to the teacher/supervisor, who will handle it within the guidelines of the disciplinary policy of Step-Up.
  • It is expected that Parents/Guardians will treat the staff at Step-Up with respect. Where it was found that a parent/guardian verbally attacked, insulted, threatened or physically intimitated or attacked a staff member, Step-Up retains the right to cancel all services and terminate the contract with the parent/guardian with immediate effect.
  • Step-Up has a responsibility to protect all learners in our care, and to honour their right to privacy, even when they have been involved in an incident of ill discipline. Therefore, the identity of learners involved in an incident will not be revealed to other parents/guardians except where specifically authorised and the video footage will not be shown to any parent/guardian.

Rules and Regulations – General Conduct
Learners will be expected to:
  • Treat others, including other learners, staff and other people, with respect and patience;
  • Respect and accommodate the needs of others;
  • Not act in an aggressive way, or in any way which could be degrading or abusive to others;
  • Respect and accept the authority of teachers/assistants and other staff;
  • Be honest in actions and behaviour;
  • Respect and comply with the rules and regulations of Step-Up;
  • Give their full cooperation with the teaching program and not interfere with or negatively influencce the right to learning of another learner;
  • Not endanger the physical wellbeing of another learner, or have any dangerous toys in their possession;
  • Respect the facilities and property of others and not deliberately cause damage to it or use/remove it without permission;
  • Keep the playground, classroom and hallways clean and free of litter;
  • Not write/scratch on or cause damage to walls, floors, windows or furniture.

Rules and Regulations: Outside Play
  • It is unacceptable to hurt, kick, hit, bite, taunt or bully other learners or pull their hair.
  • The use of foul language is not allowed.
  • Racist behaviour or hate speech will not be tolerated.

During outside play on the playground, learner(-s) may not:
  • run or play with sticks, branches, sharp or dangerous objects;
  • engage or participate in dangerous games or wrestling/fighting games;
  • jump from, or push others off the jungle gym;
  • play at the exit gate, kitchen, tool room/workshop or the church kitchen;
  • litter – all litter must be placed in the bins;
  • lift the synthetic grass;
  • push sharp objects or rocks/stones into the synthetic grass;
  • ride on the synthetic grass with scooters or bicycles;
  • throw sand on the synthetic grass;
  • climb trees, damage plants or break branches off trees and shrubs.
Toys: The following rules are applicable:
  • No toys or makeup may be brought to school. Toys that come from home will be confiscated and stored temporarily until the learner goes home;
  • No toy weapons like swords, guns or knives or any other dangerous toys may be brought to school – not even on special theme days;
  • Toys and equipment belonging to Step-Up, may not be taken home. Check your child’s bag regularly for toys that might have landed there inadvertently;
  • Other learners’ toys and possessions may not be taken or damaged;
  • All toys and equipment must be looked after;
  • Learners must value each other and share toys.
Sandpit: Learners may NOT:
  • Jump in or into the sandpit;
  • Throw sand on other learners or outside the sandpit;
  • Remove sand and/or sandpit toys from the sandpit;
  • Bury each other under the sand.
Water play: Learners may NOT:
  • Throw sand, paper or leaves in the water troughs;
  • Remove toys for water-play from the water troughs;
  • Splash, pour or spit water on other learners;
  • Fill the water troughs – only the supervisor/teacher or assistant may do this;
  • Dip other learners’ heads under water;
  • Waste water.
Swings: Learners may NOT:
  • Jump or push others off a moving swing;
  • Stand on the swing;
  • Be more than three on the family/tractor swing at the same time. The swing must be stopped before anybody may get on or climb off;
  • Twist the chains of the swings.
Climbing Apparatus: Learners may NOT:
  • Push and shove each other;
  • Climb UP the slide;
  • Push each other or try to pull others off the monkey bars;
  • Hang upside down on the monkey bars or other apparatus;
  • Sit/play on the mattress under the jungle gyms/monkey bars;
  • Climb on the roof of outside play apparatus.
Scooters and other wheeled toys: Learners may NOT
  • Ride anywhere outside the cycling track;
  • Be more than one on a wheeled toy at a time;
  • Bump into others deliberately;
  • Right in the opposite direction than indicated by the arrows on the track..

Rules & Regulations: Inside the classroom
During class activities learners will be expected to:
  • Pay full attention in class and respect the authority of the teacher/assistant;
  • Not impede on other learners’ right to education through their actions eg being noisy, disruptive or boisterous;
  • Speak clearly, but not shout;
  • Walk – no running is allowed;
  • Assist with cleaning up after activities;
  • Handle books with care;
  • Read books in the reading corner only and not carry it around in the class;
  • Take care not to mess unnecessarily during paint activities. Wet paint work must be placed on the dry rack.

Rules and Regulations: Outdoors
Learners may NOT:
  • Run in the hallways;
  • Make a noise in the hallways;
  • Enter the administration, financial or principal’s office without authorisation;
  • Push and shove other learners;
  • Play or gather in groups in the hallway – learners will stand in lines and move in an orderly fashion;
  • Open other learners’ bags or take something from it;
  • Litter;
  • Write on walls, floors, windows or furniture.

Rules and Regulations: Toilettes
The following apply with regard to the use of the ablution facilities:
  • Learners from the age of 3 must be able to use the toilet independently;
  • Learners must respect the privacy of others in the toilet;
  • Only one learner may be in a toilet stall at any one time;
  • Learners are not allowed to peek under the door while the toilet stall is in use;
  • The toilet door must be closed when occupied;
  • Personal hygiene must be taught at home – hands must be washed after using the toilet;
  • No learner may enter the toilets of the opposite sex;
  • Learners may not play in the bathroom or with toilet paper;
  • Learners may not play with or hang on the handdriers;
  • Learners may not, under any circumstances, urinate in the garden/hallways or any place other than inside the toilet bowl;
  • No foreign items e.g. toys or paper, may be thrown in the toilet bowl;
  • Should a learner, due to a medical reason, require assistance with their toilet routine, written authorisation will be required from the parent/guardian to allow an adult to accompany the child to the bathroom and assist him/her as necessary.

Repeating Offenses
  • a) Step-Up has a strict anti-bullying policy and will act without delay to any learner who is guilty of bullying - either verbally or physically.
  • b) Where learners commit a serious offense, the following penalties are applied.  
  • First Criminal Record Warning.
  • Final Criminal Warning.
  • Cancellation of services.
  • c)  Note that the penalties do not necessarily have to go through all the steps. Step-Up reserves the right to proceed immediately with the cancellation of the service and / or final warnings without any prior violations or warnings, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • d) Step-Up also reserves the right to keep the parent / guardian responsible for the financial costs associated with any action of vandalism.

The attached agreement sets out the overall agreement between the parties and there are no agreements, representations or warranties between the parties, other than those specifically set out herein. No amendment or cancellation of this agreement shall be binding unless it is written in writing and signed by each party.

This agreement is subject to and shall be interpreted and construed in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa and is subject to the jurisdiction of a competent court in the Gauteng, Republic of South Africa.

Legal costs
Should the parent, debtor, legal guardian or surety of the debtor default on the payment of agreed fees, and Step-Up commence legal proceedings against him/her/them, the debtor undertakes to pay all legal costs relating to the recovery of the outstanding monies in respect of professional services rendered, including attorney fees on an attorney-own-client scale, collection fees, commission and tracing costs.

  • The Undertaking and Acceptance agreement, as completed during the Enrolment process, constitute the whole and entire agreement between the parties, and there have not been and there are no agreements, representations or warranties between the parties other than those specifically set forth herein. No variation or modification of this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless the same shall be confirmed in writing and signed by the parties.
  • By accepting and signing the Undertaking and Acceptance agreement, the signatories
  • a.  Accept the terms, conditions and stipulations as defined in this document and undertake to settle all fees promptly.
  • b.  Will abide by Step-Up’s admission requirements and conditions and understand that the undertaking is binding for the full duration of the applicant’s commitment to Step-Up.
  • c.  Declare that the information contained in the Prospectus is acceptable, appropriate and attainable and agree to fully adhere to it.

POPI: Protection of Personal Information Act
Unless you at any time instruct Step-Up specifically and in writing to the contrary, your consent is given for Step-Up to:
  • Collect, store and process information about you and any Third Party of divorced or separated parent/guardian responsible for payment of any or all amounts owing   in school fees.
  • Collect, store and process names, contact details and information relating to yourself and your child, and to such information being made available to other parents/guardians, staff or responsible persons engaged in or authorised by the school for school-related pruposes to the extent required for the purpose of managing the relationship between the school, parents/guardians, and current learners as well as providing references and communicating with the body of former learners.
  • include photographs, with or without the name of your child, in school publications, or in press releases to celebrate Step-Up’s or your child’s activities, achievements and successes.
  • Supply information and/or a reference in respect of your child to any educational institution which your child may attend or apply for. Step-Up will take care to ensure that all information that is supplied relating to your child is accurate and any opinion given on his/her ability, aptitude and character is fair. Step-Up will not be liable for any loss you or your child is alleged to have suffered resulting from opinions reasonably given, or correct statements of fact contained in any reference or report given by us.
  • Step-Up undertakes to not distribute or otherwise publish any of your personal information in its possession, unless you give your consent in writing

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